Accountants Moving to the Cloud

Our search for more effective ways to service our clients lead us to become the first Certified Xero Advisor in South Africa. Let us help you make the move.

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By Fanie Meades, CA(SA) CFA

Director real time accounting

Providing accounting and tax services to SMEs in South Africa requires knowledge, skill and the ability to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Accountants that work with clients use software and pricing models that are designed for business owners which enable them to rescue their time.

This often has little to do with the numbers. To achieve this, accountants need time for research, time for CPD courses, time with associates, and — most of all — time with clients.

Speak to us today about guiding you through the process of transforming your practice from the inside out using cloud software, allowing you to deliver a significantly better level of service to retain your existing clients — and win new ones too!