We offer many benefits over traditional accounting

As the first to follow the future of accounting for SMEs, we now offer you an entirely different level of service.

Real Time Accounting Old Time Accounting
Real-time visibility of business performance Historical visibility of business performance
Real-time key performance dashboards No key performance dashboards
Delivered daily, weekly, monthly, annually Delivered bi-monthly, annually
Compliance & value Mostly compliance
Customised One-size-fits-all
Developed for business owners Developed for accountants
International, award-winning South Africa only
PC, Mac, phone or tablet PC only
Over 700 connected apps Costly integrations (if any)
Access from anywhere, anytime Limited access
Automatic functionality Manual
No servers, no downtime, no backups Servers and backups required
Accountant carries the risk Client carries the risk
Billed for value added Billed per hour
Set before a job Set after a job
Certain Uncertain
Set by business owner Set by accountant
Relies on business needs Relies on accountant's efficiency